Established in 2009, Production Tool Solution (PTS) provides artificial lift services and solutions for upstream operators enabling affordable oil and gas production. A strong focus on innovation allows PTS to be on the forefront of increasing pump run life for a variety of applications. Headquartered in California, PTS conducts engineering design, development, and manufacturing domestically to ensure the highest level of quality, reliability and safety. The dedicated engineering, operations, and sales professionals have extensive experience with Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP), Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCP), Electrical Submersible Progressing Cavity Pumps (ESPCP), Gas Lift, Plunger Lift, Jet Pumps, Rod Pumps and Pumping Units allowing for customized solutions for your unique artificial lift challenges.

The PTS foundation grew from a California operator's need to improve their progressing cavity pumps reliability regarding solids settling. This was forcing the operator to intervene after every shut down. The operator then turned to several legacy diverter valves in an attempt to overcome this predicament. Each of these failed, caused by the valve remaining in its natural state with the communication path between the tubing and annulus open. Therefore, even with the pump on, the system did not have the ability to surface fluid. At that point, PTS was formed to create a valve that would allow solids to be diverted during a shut down, but would isolate the tubing and annulus in the passive state. The solution came from the invention of the Pressure Actuated Relief Valve (PAR Valve) that allows the pressure differential created from the tubing hydrostatic head to open the communication path to the annulus when the well is shut down.

The operator installed the PAR Valve with success and is now successfully operating more than 50 valves; reducing their lease operating expense dramatically.

Today, PTS is leveraging its successful entry into the artificial lift industry to provide field proven solutions all production systems. Additionally, PTS consulting services has grown to offer an unbiased perspective on production performance to provide operators optimal run life of their production systems.


The PTS purpose is to provide engineered services and solutions to operators that allows optimal production while reducing lease operating expense.


The PTS vision is to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with key oil and gas producers to facilitate sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy production