• High Gas
  • High Solids
  • Frequent Shut Downs


  • Eliminates Broken Shafts on Restart
  • Allows Pumping Through Gas Lock
  • Prevents Hard Starts


Production Tool Solution ESP Pressure Actuated Relief Valve has become the industry standard tool utilized to prevent solids from plugging an electrical submersible pump during shut down. This patented tool utilizes the differential pressure from the hydrostatic head of the produced fluid to open a communication path between the tubing and annulus once the pump is shut off. Subsequently, all fluid and solids in the tubing divert to the annulus preventing solids plugging the pump and therefore enabling the system to be restarted without breaking shafts.

The ESP PAR Valve™ has an elegant yet simplistic design that makes it advantageous over other automatic diverter valves on the market. The PTS approach is to eliminate the failure mode of recirculation by having the valve isolate the tubing and annulus while in its default position. It is only once the system has generated enough differential pressure between the intake and discharge of the ESP and the system has been turned off that the valve reveals the communication path enabling all solids and fluid to divert from the tubing to the annulus. Once the pressure is equalized, the valve will isolate the tubing and annulus and allow production to be brought back online.

The ESP PAR Valve™ has also proven its worthiness in gas wells by adding a layer of protection once the ESP gas locks. In this situation, the valve will shuttle allowing the pump to be primed while avoiding an underload amp fault in the motor. This brings production back almost immediately and extends run life of the system by eliminating burnt motors.