Gas Wedge Schematic



  • Unconventional O&G
  • High GOR/GLR Production
  • Gas Well Dewatering



  • Limit Gas Locking
  • Extend ESP Run Life
  • Maximize Drawdown
  • Eliminate Recirculation Systems


The Production Tool Solution Gas Wedge™ is the newly released solution designed to prevent free gas from entering the intake of an electrical submersible pump. The tool juxtaposes shroud technology with an engineered flow tube that utilizes deviant vectors to break gas out of solution. Run below a submersible pump, the Gas Wedge™ increases the velocity of the produced fluid and gas along the deviant vector then immediately through a series of annular vented ports that provide a pressure drop to burst the gas out of solution. Consequently, the free gas will continue up the annulus while the fluid will fall along the outside of the Wedge. At the lower end of the Gas Wedge, there is a set of intake ports that will receive the gas-free fluid and let it progress up to the submersible pump. The top of the Gas Wedge™ is then tied to an inverted PTS StayCool™ Shroud system that allows the gas-free fluid to travel alongside the motor and into the intake of the pump for conventional production. At the top of the inverted StayCool™ Shroud, there is a secondary point for fluid entry into the ESP designed similarly to conventional inverted shrouds.