PTS Motor Lead Guard



  • Horizonal Wells
  • High Dogleg Severity
  • Tight Holes


  • Eliminates Miss Runs
  • Avoids Motor Lead Damage
  • Reduces Short Run Failures


PTS Motor Lead Guard™ eliminates miss runs and ground faults in electrical submersible pump applications.  This product enables operators to successfully install their ESP in tight, highly deviated or horizontal wells to allow for maximum drawdown.  The aerodynamically designed guard encapsulates the pothead and motor lead to prevent banging and scraping against the casing wall that will cause the system to lose electrical integrity resulting in short run failures.

This patent pending technology is made from 316 stainless steel with a 15 degree pitch on the tracking to achieve maximum durability during the installation process.  With several hundred installations around the world, this field-proven product gives operators the peace of mind that their ESP installation will be successful regardless of wellbore trajectory or tight spots in the casing.