• High Solids Production
  • Frequent Shut Downs
  • Unconventional Wells


  • Eliminates Flush-Bys
  • Reduces Back-Spin
  • Avoids Pump Off


Production Tool Solution PCP Pressure Actuated Relief Valve is a field-proven tool used to prevent solids settling on top of progressing cavity pumps during shut down. This patented valve utilizes the differential pressure from the hydrostatic head above the pump to open a communication path between the annulus and tubing once the pumping system is turned off. Subsequently, all fluid and solids divert from the tubing to the annulus to ensure the pump can be restarted successfully.

Deployed 10 feet above the discharge of the pump, the PCP PAR Valve™ does not require any additional tooling for installation, allows for the rotor to pass seamlessly, and enables space out to take place as usual.

Besides protecting the pump from solids during a shut down, the PCP PAR Valve™ substantially reduces the amount of back-spin on the sucker rods. This lowers the probability of backed off rods and increases safety by minimizing the required drivehead braking force. Additionally, since there is minimal back-spin, the well can be restarted quickly significantly reducing the amount of deferred production.