PTS Conveyed



  • High Gas Wells
  • High Solids


  • WL Retrievable Internals
  • Free Flow Capability around ESP
  • Blanking Sub for Production Guarantee


The Production Tool Solution Retrievable ESP Pressure Actuated Relief Valve (R-ESP PAR Valve™) is the newest addition to the PTS PAR Valve portfolio. Derived from customer requests, this valve eliminates the potential of recirculation around the valve causing a premature failure.
The functionality of the R-ESP PAR Valve is identical to the conventional ESP PAR Valve. During a pump shut down, the valve shuttles opening a communication path between the tubing and annulus to allow for all solids to divert around the pump. This avoids broken shafts and allows for faster restarting reducing deferred production. Additionally, the valve will shuttle during gas lock allowing the gas to pass while fluid in the tubing will be sent to the annulus priming the pump for continued operation.
The added benefit of the R-ESP PAR Valve is the capability for operators to retrieve the internals. This has two benefits; first, in the event a gas well is close to free flow, the operators can remove the internals of the PAR Valve to expose a flow path around the ESP but up the tubing string. This minimizes the flow area allowing the maximum amount of gas production. Secondly, there is a blanking plug that can be installed in the valve once the internals are removed. This eliminates all concerns of recirculation and can assist in identifying if the ESP is understaged for the application. With the blanking plug installed, ESP production will continue as normal.